Monday, July 28, 2008

Tarina Tarantino - "Queen Alice" Pendant

Earlier this year Tarina Tarantino released the "Queen Alice" Collection. Tarina Tarantino is famous for creating fairly "kitsch" jewellry, and is well known because many celebrities have fallen in love with her pieces and are often snapped wearing them, including Paris, Cameron Diaz and so many others (have a look on her website!)

Anyway, years ago I bought a lovely little Hello Kitty necklace, which was heaps nice but a bit too "plasticy" and kid like for me to want to buy much else as I didn't really get as much wear out of it as I expected to!!

Some time last week I was browsing headbands on eBay and up popped an amazing creation from Tarina, which led me to browse her website and see what other new things she had on there. It was here that I discovered that Tarina has brought out this amazing Alice in Wonderland range, and i was instantly lemming a multitude of pieces..

The "Queen Alice Collection" was inspired by vintage Alice in Wonderland illustrations, and has a really "old world" and vintage feel about them, but then snazzed up with the swarovski crystals.

I loaded up the shopping cart on her website with a couple of items, but then the shipping was an OUTRAGEOUS amount for Australia, over $100 US for a couple of small items of jewellry? Absolutely ridiculous.

Instead I went to eBay and there were a lot of items, some with very high shipping. But I perservered and managed to nab this beautiful "Queen Alice" pendant with only $10 US shipping. Came to a grand total of $76 AUD when it retails for over $150 US! What a steal...

Tarina Tarantino Large Queen Alice Cameo Long Necklace
All the dirty details..
Queen Alice Collection by Tarina Tarantino
Lucite and Swarovski Austrian crystals.
Necklace is fully adjustable up to approx. 19" long.
Pendant is approx. 2 1/8" across.

RRP: $205 USD (but is on sale at for $170 USD.)
PAID ON EBAY: $71 USD (including shipping) BARGAIN!

Do you like? I think it is really cute! And for such a good price too! I couldn't resist especially as it has my name on it.. ;)

Can't wait for it to arrive in the post, will be sure to post some pics when it does!


emily said...

oooh, i really like it!

Alice said...

hehe thanks! "Queen Alice" - how could I NOT get it?

Anonymous said...

It's super phantasmagorphic!
I was looking at the cover of Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland and I do love the artwork.
The necklace is too expensive for my tastes, but it's really pretty. Lucky , lucky, lucky.


Caroline said...

its adorable. i vote yes.

diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg the pendant is gorgeous!
Very quirky, love it!
And what a bargain

Natasha said...

I adore Tarina Tarantino and I'm from Australia too, I agree that the postage is way too much. I actually contacted them about it. I haven't been able to buy any stuff because the designs I like haven't been on eBay. That was a real bargain.

Anonymous said...

Hi I read your comment about the Tarina Tarantino Alice collection. I have a boutique in Louisville, Ky USA and we carry the line. Tarina is getting ready to launch a new version of the Alice collection in mid to late February to coincide with the new Johnny Depp movie. Check out my website in a few weeks to see the
pictures! The line is very cute. Best to you, Mary Beth