Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Proud Day

After the recent sadness of being made redundant at my old job, I was thrilled to land an awesome new position in the Sydney CBD. I have been working there for a couple of weeks now and absolutely loving it! The only thing is that I am scarily close to the wide array of shops this end of town has to offer and only the amount of work I have had on has stopped me from wandering up the street to the QVB for a lunch time shop.

That all changed today however! It was such a dreary morning and so freezing cold, I was at work a little bit early and browsing the Hermès website as I often do, looking at the lovely silk scarves, especially the twillys, which are the skinny, ribbon-like scarves - which are also the least expensive :)

The boss is away sick today, so after a very quiet morning, I decided to go up to Hermès and check out the offerings in person so as to see all the beautiful stuff in person! (I swear I was just there to browse...)

The Hermès store is such a nice experience, I don't often venture into "high-end" stores other than Tiffany, and it is just so nice to have the door opened for you and pretty much have the entire store to yourself! After browsing the store and asking about some prices, ogling the gorgeous cuffs and bracelets (will have to wait for another time when my purse is more well-endowed..)

I enquired about the price of the twillys ($200 AUD) and the lovely sales lady got some out to show me. I was instantly in love and knew I not be leaving the store without one. They had in stock the one I had been eyeing off on the website so I knew it was meant to be :)

So without further ado I unveil to you my very first Hermès Twilly!

I think it is gorgeous and sophisticated! I'm very excited to finally own one and bought it for myself as a congratulatory present for getting this great new job. I was tempted to go for some of the other brighter designs, but thought this one would be a great place to start as it is really versatile and can be worn with any colour.

Photos of the real thing coming very soon!

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