Thursday, July 24, 2008

My New Twilly - Some Pics

So as my first exciting purchase since I have had this blog up and running I really want to share some photos of my gorgeous new twilly!

Please be warned that my photographic skills are limited and the lighting in my bedroom leaves a lot to be desired, but hopefully they will still convey to you the loveliness of this teeny piece of silk. Either way I am delighted with my purchase so want to show it off a little :P

Gracefully packaged in a signature Hermes orange box, with a dark brown printed ribbon. The little box is so cute and makes the perfect storage compartment for the twilly.

As I open the box I get my first touch of the twilly, it is unbelievably soft and silky. Whoever thought a little piece of silk could be so lovely!

Ok so it's very hard to take photos of one's chest - but here is the twilly tied around my neck. I thought it would be quite difficult to knot around in a certain way to make it look good, but simple over and under is quite effective...

And below you can see the twilly tied around the handle of my bag, which is a great way instantly update a boring bag!

The twilly is so versatile, I will also be experimenting with wearing it around my head as a headband or headscarf, around my wrist as a bracelet, or even around a ponytail.

How do you like to wear your twilly? How many do you own? Is one enough or would you buy one each season of different colours so you have different ones to match different outfits and moods? I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences so please leave a comment :)


Anonymous said...

I used to own two but I sold them! I had a green one and blue one -I used to mainly tie onto my handbag. Your twilly looks so beautiful!

Alice said...

Thanks babe, I wore it for the first time yesterday and got so many comments i was amazed!

Either because it is so nice or just because I don't usually wear a scarf like that. But yeah lots of comments at work and then at my boyf's family's place for dinner everyone said it was nice too!

Yay for me ;)