Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alice McCall "Some Are Not Insects"

I love Alice McCall. Not only does she have a fabulous name *wink wink* but she is an amazing designer that makes pieces that are extremely wearable and unique.

I am lucky enough to own the gorgeous butterfly sleeved "fortune teller" dress that was a present from my lovely boyfriend. Since then i have been waiting for another must have piece to add to my collection.

The "some are not insects" range i believe has been out for some time now, but i have been slow on trying on or buying anything - not to mention far too poor! So keeping an eye out on any nice pieces in david jones or mycatwalk.

I am especially loving all the beetle inspired dresses and tops - they look wonderful!!

The puff sleeve blouse above looks gorgeous and very luxurious, but i am yet to see this around anywhere - does anyone know of any stockists?