Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nerd Chic

Some pics of the tomfoolery at MSTRKRFT the other weekend...

What do you think? I reckon the gogs quite suit me actually! ^.^

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Glamour Puss? Moi??

Well defines a Glamour Puss as being "a person with an unusually attractive face"... What can I say, except - GUILTY AS CHARGED.

So self-flattery aside I want to tell you about some new shoes that I bought. Anyone who has been into Wanted in the last year or so would have seen that they have been carrying a shoe range called "Glamourpuss". I assumed this was a pretty cheap sort of no name brand for ages because i had never heard of it. It wasn't until I saw a pair of absolute stunners that I just had to try on that I spoke to the sales assistant and she told me that they were just the "Wanted" brand of shoe, but labelled as Glamourpuss.

Anyway, so I saw these beautiful shoes as the store was closing, and went straight back on my lunch break the next day to try them on. I was in love even before i tried them, and after fitting like a glove it was futile to resist, I had to get them.

They are definitely not a "cheap" brand, at $140, which is well within the budget for a nice pair of shoes. They are pretty comfy, but since they are patent i don't expect them to soften up very much, with a nice chunky heel but still look nice and feminine. I have been looking for a pair of shoes with a chunky heel for ages now, but all the ones i have seen are just way too chunked up and end up just looking nasty to me, i think chunks have the potential to make the shoe look a little bit tacky.

Back to the point - these heels are anything but tacky and cheap. They are made of patent leather, in a pale dusty pink colour, otherwise known as "nude". Little peep toe at the front but not so much that they would be impossible to wear with stockings. They then have a grosgrain bow at the toe with a pewter coloured medallion on the front. These are going to be a staple in my wardrobe this spring and summer, i love beige or nude shoes as they just go with pretty much all of my summer dresses, of any colour!

Here is a pic from the website, I will take some photos of the real deal this weekend!

They also look fantastic in the black, and have a very different look and effect in the black as well. I'm very tempted to go back and get the black as well, but will wait until after I road test them this weekend to see how they hold up. I'm hoping a chunkier heel means less pressure on the soles of the feet on a whole and my feet won't get sore as quickly, and i'll be able to frolick all night long!

Oh and if you are wondering the style name is "Shira", by Glamourpuss, and they come in nude, black, and a deep dark red patent leather. Priced at $139.95, and available from Wanted Shoe stores.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Death Cab For Cutie - Tonight!!

I am so very excited today - because tonight I get to go see DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE at the Enmore. Death Cab have been on an extremely high rotation on my ipod since about feb last year (i was a bit late getting on the bandwagon, but now make up for it by being a HUGE fan!) They are pretty much my number one band. Big call i know, but i listen to them so much and honestly never get sick of the tracks. They have songs to suit all moods, and every time i listen to their music i feel a wide range of emotions (most of it pleasure :P)

Their music is just amazing, and if you haven't heard of them, i suggest you go to their myspace and listen to a couple of songs! The latest album called "Narrow Stairs" is an absolutely awesome album, and I ma really looking forward to hearing all those songs live tonight.

I'm just so excited about this concert, I haven't been this excited about a gig since Chemical Brothers back in February.

Below is the Death Cab video for the song that actually got me into them, it is called "I will follow you into the dark" and I dare you not to like it, it is such a hauntingly beautiful track, and the video is great as well!

For those fellow fans or people that might be interested, you can a special death cab performance that is being aired "you-tube" style on myspace tomorrow night.


MySpaceTV will feature user-generated videos, like on YouTube, as well as professional TV clips from it partners the ABC, BBC and National Geographic.

MySpace will also generate its own original content, starting with the Death Cab for Cutie performance at 5pm on Tuesday 19 August, which will be streamed live to a potential audience of 115 million MySpace users worldwide.

The band, who will film the gig in Sydney, is massive on MySpace, with half a million "friends" on the networking site.

"They're hugely popular on MySpace and we're thrilled to have them perform live at the launch of MySpaceTV here in Australia," said Rebekah Horne, vice president of MySpace Australia.

Tickets to see the band perform their live gig in Sydney are available at

Click here to read the rest of the article..

And go to the myspace tv page to watch the concert tomorrow night!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mimco's Shoe Range Launced Online and Instore!

Mimco's new shoe range was launched today, Thursday 14th August. Looks like they have some great styles, but at prices starting from $299, they would want to be pretty amazing!

It's hard to tell the quality of these shoes without seeing them in person, but I'm not really the type that spends more than $200 on a pair of shoes anyway...

If I was, I would probably snap up these ones..

The style is named "Miss Poet" and they have the hefty price tag of $399.

But honestly for $400 I would probably rather pay a little bit more and get a pair from Marni or Marc Jacobs!

Do you think the mimco shoe range is worth forking out for? Check out the new mimco shoe range here..

Friday, August 8, 2008

What I've been wearing - #1

So I thought I'd do a little outfit post, even though it's not the best pic, can't see my shoes! But it is a good starting point at least.

Here I am in what is probably my best buy so far this year, my sass and bide "Elle Lui Fitted Dress". I got this on sale for like $120 from David Jones when it was something like $260 full price and have worn it heaps! It is definitely a great dress as it goes with a wide range of occassions because it isn't too dressy.

Not much else to mention really, tiffany necklace and a glassons cardi.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Audrey Kawasaki "Tear Me" Print Release

The latest Audrey Kawasaki print, "Tear Me" is being released this weekend.

Sydney timing of this release is Sunday morning, 10th August at 11am.

The print is smaller in size, and cheaper than the last release, priced at only $100 US for the unframed version. You can purchase the print in the elegant ornate frame shown below for $220 US.

Prints are hand numbered and signed but Audrey, and the edition size is 150 pieces.

If you are interested in purchasing this print, head over to Audrey's Website where the print will be available for purchase in her online store at 11am on Sunday.

It's a lovely piece that has really grown on me a lot. I don't think I can afford it at the moment, but I have until Sunday to decide!

Monday, August 4, 2008

sass and bide "I'm From Ohio" Dress

Last week to my delight I had a phone call from a lovely lass at the Paddington sass and bide boutique, informing me that they had finally received the long awaited "I'm from Ohio" dress.

I have been looking forward to getting this dress for ages, since seeing it in pictures from their runway show at RAFW earlier in the year. It looks absolutely stunning on the model, as you can see in the picture below.

So as soon as she told me the dress had come in I was keen to go in store and buy it ASAP! Unfortunately there was no way I could get to the paddington boutique and since the dress was in such high demand, they couldn't hold it for me :(

Come Saturday I was almost bursting at the seams to go get my hands on the dress, but since ot takes me like an hour to get there i thought i would ring and check if they had any left in my size. Luckily, there was one left and the lovely sales chickie said she would hold it for a couple of hours for me!

I ended up getting a size 38 - which is equivalent to a size 8. My normal size in s&b is 10, but the dress does not have a lot of shape so i decided to go down a size so the dress was more fitted.

Here are some pics of me in the dress, couldn't take any really good full length ones, but here is one...

And here are some pics of the sequin detail...

A week on I am a bit undecided as to whether to keep this dress or sell it. I am yet to wear it... I love the sequin detail, but don't think the actual shape is wonderfully flattering on me, but would suit someone taller to a tee.

What do you guys think?