Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kozyndan - new edition of "Uprising"

Kozyndan are releasing a new version of their famous print “uprising” – this one features gorgeous metallic inks – something i haven’t seen before.

Here are some photos courtesy of – print is available from the gallery for $695 (framed).



Closeup – showing the metallic print :-



Limited edition of 200.


Happy Birthday to Me part 2!

Delicious lime, coffee and hazelnut cake from Adriano Zumbo to celebrate my 28th Birthday...


Monday, March 28, 2011

Praying mantis sculpture at artexpress

This amazing praying mantis was made by a year 12 student can you believe it? Part of the art express exhibit at the art gallery of nsw

Adriano zumbo at customs house

Last week we got to meet Adriano zumbo after sampling free "gingerbread and honeycomb" macaron, created specially for a samsung / vodafone product launch..


Gorgeous flowers from lotus botannica in chifley tower

Happy birthday to me!

Gorgeous birthday flowers from my beautiful friends at work. Feeling very lucky and spoilt!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sock Monkeys!

Check out these awesome sock monkeys spotted at aero plus in chatswood chase. They are huge probably about 50cms and from memory cost $48.. I want one!

Bronze Chariots @ Art Gallery of NSW

Part of the Terracotta Warriors "First Emperor" exhibition

Amazing bronze chariot found with the terra-cotta warriors greets us as we enter the gallery's foyer

Art Gallery of New South Wales

Wednesday evening excursion to the art gallery of NSW..

Flaming pina colada!

Delicious flaming pina colada at rambutan.. Yum!

Mila Kunis @ the Oscars

Mila wins my "best dressed" award for this year's Oscars.

She looked absolutely amazing inan Elie Saab lilac chiffon gown, with lace detailing and a ribbon waist. It looked lovely with her skin tone and brunette hair, so gorgeous..

This colour is my absolute favourite right now, i cannot get enough of it! Burberry have also done some amazing things lately in this lavender, lilac colour, however i can't seem to find anything at any non luxury stores.. keeping my eyes peeled though.

I was however lucky enough to find some lilac wedges which should be arriving in the post any day now..

Camilla and Marc Rhino Ring

Lusting after this amazing Camilla and Marc Rhino Ring!!
Amazing. Gutted that i missed out while it was on sale at mycatwalk.. down to only $120 from $400!
Hoping that another pops up on sale somewhere soon, preferably around pay day :)

Yummm! Chocolate pavlova for dessert, ripples in chowder bay...
Queen Elizabeth II hanging out in Sydney Harbour a few weeks ago

Gorgeous sunset view from our balcony, hopefully a sunday sign on a good week ahead?