Monday, August 18, 2008

Death Cab For Cutie - Tonight!!

I am so very excited today - because tonight I get to go see DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE at the Enmore. Death Cab have been on an extremely high rotation on my ipod since about feb last year (i was a bit late getting on the bandwagon, but now make up for it by being a HUGE fan!) They are pretty much my number one band. Big call i know, but i listen to them so much and honestly never get sick of the tracks. They have songs to suit all moods, and every time i listen to their music i feel a wide range of emotions (most of it pleasure :P)

Their music is just amazing, and if you haven't heard of them, i suggest you go to their myspace and listen to a couple of songs! The latest album called "Narrow Stairs" is an absolutely awesome album, and I ma really looking forward to hearing all those songs live tonight.

I'm just so excited about this concert, I haven't been this excited about a gig since Chemical Brothers back in February.

Below is the Death Cab video for the song that actually got me into them, it is called "I will follow you into the dark" and I dare you not to like it, it is such a hauntingly beautiful track, and the video is great as well!

For those fellow fans or people that might be interested, you can a special death cab performance that is being aired "you-tube" style on myspace tomorrow night.


MySpaceTV will feature user-generated videos, like on YouTube, as well as professional TV clips from it partners the ABC, BBC and National Geographic.

MySpace will also generate its own original content, starting with the Death Cab for Cutie performance at 5pm on Tuesday 19 August, which will be streamed live to a potential audience of 115 million MySpace users worldwide.

The band, who will film the gig in Sydney, is massive on MySpace, with half a million "friends" on the networking site.

"They're hugely popular on MySpace and we're thrilled to have them perform live at the launch of MySpaceTV here in Australia," said Rebekah Horne, vice president of MySpace Australia.

Tickets to see the band perform their live gig in Sydney are available at

Click here to read the rest of the article..

And go to the myspace tv page to watch the concert tomorrow night!

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