Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mimco's Shoe Range Launced Online and Instore!

Mimco's new shoe range was launched today, Thursday 14th August. Looks like they have some great styles, but at prices starting from $299, they would want to be pretty amazing!

It's hard to tell the quality of these shoes without seeing them in person, but I'm not really the type that spends more than $200 on a pair of shoes anyway...

If I was, I would probably snap up these ones..

The style is named "Miss Poet" and they have the hefty price tag of $399.

But honestly for $400 I would probably rather pay a little bit more and get a pair from Marni or Marc Jacobs!

Do you think the mimco shoe range is worth forking out for? Check out the new mimco shoe range here..


soph said...

Definitely agree with you about the price, would definitely prefer to spend my money a pair of marnis or chloes. That said, I think the 'capote' loafers are quite cute.

diamondsinchampagne said...

Well I definatley think the prices are too high for what the shoes are.
I really like the miss poet, soho, and the achillies. But I definatley wouldn't spend over 300+ for them, when there are better styles around for cheaper, or you can buy the classic Louboutin stylea for around 600!

Kirby said...

ekkk, for that price i'd rather pay more and get real designer shoes