Friday, July 25, 2008

Sydney American Apparel Store - Now Open!

The much anticipated AA Sydney store opened after a very long wait yesterday. The store on the corner of Crown Street and Oxford Street, has had it'd facade covered in an American Apparel lass and the words "Coming Soon" for such a long time now that I am amazed it is finally open.

Unfortunately I only found out about this now, after I just got home from a trip to Paddington, and kicking myself that I didn't go check it out while I was in the area!! Oh well, will have to wait until next week.

I am in dire need of some work basics, black t-shirts to go under collared ones, and would love some skirts in bright colours. I've had my eye on the leather look leggings that I haven't been game enough to buy online without trying on first!!

Loving the "tulip skirt" in purple or red..

Also really want to try the "Black Eel" Shiny Lamé Leggings, supposed to have a "wet" almost leathery look..

And must not forget the infamous "Tap Panty"...


Anonymous said...

let me know what you think when you visit the store!
i was...really really horrified at the result, i walked out all stressed lol

Alice said...

Yeah I read your post about it, does not sound good at all!
You would think that since it has taken them so long to open that the store would be all schmick and lovely!!

Maybe that's how they cut costs??

Sorry to hear about your disappointing purchase also.. It's not like their stuff is that "cheap" you would expect better!

I might go visit on the weekend and will report back..