Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I wish I was this photogenic...

Seriously it's impossible to take a crap photo of my cat bailey - he
is so cute!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hermès Launches Australian Online Boutique!

Yay! Hermès has finally opened its online boutique doors to Australian shoppers. No more lusting after the goods that seem so readily available in other countries only to find they do not ship internationally.

Hermès launched the Australian online boutique some time last week I believe. Upon hearing this news I went straight to the twilly section, but there wasn't really anything new that I hadn't seen before.. they didn't even have the lemon lime / splice coloured "coach" twilly that I spotted on one of the overseas stores but have never seen on Australian stores.

Having said that, there are still a couple of nice ones on there - like this gorgeous blue colourway..

I however, am going to wait and see what the next season of twillys brings! Will be great to just be able to go online and check the new range and order what looks good instead of making a special trip to the store.

Friday, October 24, 2008

New "Wizard of Oz" Collection by Tarina Tarantino

Tarina Tarantino has just released a new limited edition capsule collection arounf the theme of "Wizard of Oz". Now I don't have as much of a soft spot for these as i did the "Alice in Wonderland" collection, but nevertheless they are still super cute!

The collection features the characters from the books and movies, but redrawn into cute little cartoons.

I'm loving the Wicked Witch pieces...

Can't decide whether you fall into the Good Witch or Bad Witch category? Well tarina has you covered with this reversible necklace - so you can wear whichever side matches your mood!

I love seeing all the new collections that tarina brings out - if only her pieces were readily available in Australia!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lovely flowers

Just a nice pic of the beautiful flowers I received from the boy for our 1 year anniversary!

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a beautiful Saturday at the beach, absolutely perfect! If you are not outside, you should be!

Blogging from my iphone for the first time, very cool! Now I know that I can blog on the go I hope to be able to post more often, especially photos!

Except the iPhone camera is pretty bad, is fine for day time but doesn't have a flash! Which sort of makes it hard to take photos at night...

P.S. i love beach shots when i wear my mirrored chanels, i love how you can see the sand and water reflected in the lens...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tony Bianco Spring Sale!

FINALLY a Tony Bianco sale is on right when i actually have money and they have nice styles on the website.

Just picked up these 2 lovely pairs for work at 20% off!

Aren't the second ones adorable? I can see them fitting into my summer wardrobe perfectly - it's looking like it will be a very girly summer with bows, puffy skirts and the usual glittery jewelery!

These 2 pairs together with shipping only cost me $142!! For pairs that usually retail about $100 each that's a pretty good deal. And Tony Bianco shoes are my absolute favourite, always high quality and I get a lot of wear out of them!

The sale is only available to those on the tony bianco mailing list, but if you ask me nicely I can tell you the discount code....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Spring Cleaning My Wardrobe

I've just put up some items on ebay, and will be adding more and more as I get the chance.

To see what I have for sale, please go to my ebay store. You can expect brands like Seduce, Shakuhachi, Insight, Don't Ask Amamnda, Rusty, MinkPink and more!

There are plenty of bargains to be had, like this gorgeous Seduce skirt, that I have only worn once and is in absolutely perfect condition, starting at only 99 cents!

The top ruffled layer is all make out of silk as well, so is a very nice, high quality skirt. Please take a look and feel free to ask me any questions, and feel very free to bid on anything that catches your eye ;)

Just added - Maurie & Eve sequin singlet, Kookai dresses, and more!

sass and bide "Take Me There" Dress

I bought this cute new dress from s&b vie over the weekend, it's called "Take Me There" Oversized Dress and is from the new resort 2008 collection called "The Spirit Kiss".

I couldn't really take any decent pics, but you get the idea from the below.

Again, sorry for crappy pics but use your imagination, i'll get some better ones when i wear it out and about.

It really is a nice dress, i am usually pretty against animal prints as i think they look 99% of the time horrible and tacky. This dress however, i think is cute and fun and perfect for summer, and i can tell i will be getting a lot of wear out of it in the coming months!

After my initial viewing of the upcoming collection on the sass and bide website i was left pretty underawed.. but as i see the pieces starting to come into store i am really growing to like them! They are a lot less "showy" than some of the pieces we saw with the rainbows for kate collection, and just seem really nicely subdued and sweet. I especially liked this white dress that had teeny dots of silver glitter all over it, so sweet and subtle, but had a $350 price tag so might be one to watch out for come sale time!

I'll be looking out for the "Far Below" sleveless dress,

and also the "In Her Mind" dress...

Long Time, No See..

I know I have been extremely bad and have not blogged in AGES, but believe me it has not been by choice! My new job is so extremely hectic I definitely can't write posts there, and I even don't get time to trawl the web for weird and wonderful things to write about or nice fashion finds to share with you.

Never fear though, as I will do my best to fit in some blogging whenever I can! At the moment I am at home sick with a throat infection :( so a good time to catch up with you all.

How was everybody's long weekends? Mine was so so good, except for the weather! After a week of hot temperatures and sun filled days, the long weekend weather was dismal and nasty. I was lucky enough to be celebrating 1 year with my beautiful boyfriend, so we had a fancy hotel room at the Blue hotel room in Woolloomooloo. The place was really nice, and we had this awesome loft room, with a living area downstairs and then a king bed and bathroom upstairs, it was amazing!

On the Saturday night we checked in there, and then got ready and went out for a nice dinner. Afterwards, we headed to the Tilbury for a couple of drinks, and then back to the hotel's Water bar for our complimentary cocktails :P Had a really nice, romantic evening, and we went back pretty early to make the most of our hotel room!

Us at the Water Bar

Sunday we went to parklife, must have been my 5th time or something, but still had an awesome day! The weather left heaps to be desired. After a slow start the day got heaps better towards the end. Highlights were diplo, fake blood, and does it offend you yeah? at the end were phenominal even though they only played like 5 songs and the lead singer was off with a broken leg or something! After looking forward to many acts in the tent i was extremely disappointed with the sound quality in there and it was too low volume. VERY glad i didnt venture up to see Dizzee at the end!

After parklife we went back to our lovely hotel for another night, and then spent monday just relaxing and watching movies.

Did anyone else go to parklife? Did you enjoy it? Who was your favourite act? What did you wear? Would love to hear any stories!