Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tony Bianco Spring Sale!

FINALLY a Tony Bianco sale is on right when i actually have money and they have nice styles on the website.

Just picked up these 2 lovely pairs for work at 20% off!

Aren't the second ones adorable? I can see them fitting into my summer wardrobe perfectly - it's looking like it will be a very girly summer with bows, puffy skirts and the usual glittery jewelery!

These 2 pairs together with shipping only cost me $142!! For pairs that usually retail about $100 each that's a pretty good deal. And Tony Bianco shoes are my absolute favourite, always high quality and I get a lot of wear out of them!

The sale is only available to those on the tony bianco mailing list, but if you ask me nicely I can tell you the discount code....


diamondsinchampagne said...

YAY what great finds.
And yes summer is bound to be a very over the top feminine for moi too, I CAN'T WAIT :D

Sushi said...

Oh could you pretty please tell me what the discount code is? I'm on the mailing list but haven't received anything about a sale! I have my eye on a lovely pair of flats that are nearly sold out x Sushi

Sushi said...

Oh damn just noticed this post was from 2008, not 2009! x

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