Monday, October 13, 2008

sass and bide "Take Me There" Dress

I bought this cute new dress from s&b vie over the weekend, it's called "Take Me There" Oversized Dress and is from the new resort 2008 collection called "The Spirit Kiss".

I couldn't really take any decent pics, but you get the idea from the below.

Again, sorry for crappy pics but use your imagination, i'll get some better ones when i wear it out and about.

It really is a nice dress, i am usually pretty against animal prints as i think they look 99% of the time horrible and tacky. This dress however, i think is cute and fun and perfect for summer, and i can tell i will be getting a lot of wear out of it in the coming months!

After my initial viewing of the upcoming collection on the sass and bide website i was left pretty underawed.. but as i see the pieces starting to come into store i am really growing to like them! They are a lot less "showy" than some of the pieces we saw with the rainbows for kate collection, and just seem really nicely subdued and sweet. I especially liked this white dress that had teeny dots of silver glitter all over it, so sweet and subtle, but had a $350 price tag so might be one to watch out for come sale time!

I'll be looking out for the "Far Below" sleveless dress,

and also the "In Her Mind" dress...

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michiyo said...

Would u like to sell this pretty sass dress to me? I've been seeking this dress for long time. Looking forward to hearing from you so soon(^ω^)
Anyway,nice to meet u!