Monday, October 13, 2008

Long Time, No See..

I know I have been extremely bad and have not blogged in AGES, but believe me it has not been by choice! My new job is so extremely hectic I definitely can't write posts there, and I even don't get time to trawl the web for weird and wonderful things to write about or nice fashion finds to share with you.

Never fear though, as I will do my best to fit in some blogging whenever I can! At the moment I am at home sick with a throat infection :( so a good time to catch up with you all.

How was everybody's long weekends? Mine was so so good, except for the weather! After a week of hot temperatures and sun filled days, the long weekend weather was dismal and nasty. I was lucky enough to be celebrating 1 year with my beautiful boyfriend, so we had a fancy hotel room at the Blue hotel room in Woolloomooloo. The place was really nice, and we had this awesome loft room, with a living area downstairs and then a king bed and bathroom upstairs, it was amazing!

On the Saturday night we checked in there, and then got ready and went out for a nice dinner. Afterwards, we headed to the Tilbury for a couple of drinks, and then back to the hotel's Water bar for our complimentary cocktails :P Had a really nice, romantic evening, and we went back pretty early to make the most of our hotel room!

Us at the Water Bar

Sunday we went to parklife, must have been my 5th time or something, but still had an awesome day! The weather left heaps to be desired. After a slow start the day got heaps better towards the end. Highlights were diplo, fake blood, and does it offend you yeah? at the end were phenominal even though they only played like 5 songs and the lead singer was off with a broken leg or something! After looking forward to many acts in the tent i was extremely disappointed with the sound quality in there and it was too low volume. VERY glad i didnt venture up to see Dizzee at the end!

After parklife we went back to our lovely hotel for another night, and then spent monday just relaxing and watching movies.

Did anyone else go to parklife? Did you enjoy it? Who was your favourite act? What did you wear? Would love to hear any stories!

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