Monday, June 30, 2008

Audrey Kawasaki 'Okimiyage' Pressure Print

Okimiyage - Detail

This absolutely gorgeous print is a collaboration between Audrey Kawasaki and Pressure Printing. It is not for the faint hearted though, costing a whopping $1,500 US, even more for international buyers. If you have that kind of cash to spare, I'd get over to Pressure Printing ASAP to get your hands on this exquisite piece.

There are only 50 of these so I don't expect them to last too long, but at that price they might be around for a little while at least. Audrey is so unbelievably popular these days that I am sure a lot of people will have no qualms paying the price, as her prints resell easily at 3 times original price.

Prints are framed in a hand made soft maple frame, and have been signed and numbered by Audrey. The paper of the print has been embossed with patterns designed by AK and each and every one was individually hand coloured by her as well.

Audrey's drawing is of such intricate detail that it just makes this piece so nice. I have always really liked her drawings, often more than the paintings. They are just so crisp and perfect.

You can read more of the Pressure Printing process and see lots of pics on their blog.

And with that I would like to leave you with my 2 all time favourite pieces from Audrey, both drawings done in graphite that are just so beautiful and detailed I find it hard to comprehend someone my age being so unbelievably talented.

These 2 drawings were part of the 'Smitten' show at thinkspace gallery, May 2007.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Pacific Drift" - New Kozyndan Panoramic Print

Kozyndan have released a new panoramic print! It is named "Pacific Drift" and depicts an underwater view of the Pacific Ocean, strewn with plastic bags and other garbage. Not all is lost as the reef is being defended by the bunnyfish!

The detail on this is fantastic, and you can tell that countless hours have been put in carefully outlining the reef, creating the background, and then adding in the cute little bunnyfish! I have been lemming "Moving in Unison" for a long long time, which i do prefer to this print, but that one is much more expensive! So this panoramic might be ideal to satisfy my bunnyfish craving without draining the wallet too much!

Bunnyfish to the rescue!

Cute print and great idea behind it. Not often do kozyndan release panoramics and even more rare to release signed and numbered for $30 US. All of their panoramics SELL OUT so better to get one just in case me thinks ;)

Hop (or swim) over to Kozyndan's online shop to get one before they disappear! I have just ordered mine, and will save up for the cash for framing!

If you prefer to purchase your prints already framed, Pop Up in New Zealand has them available framed for $385 AUD. Linky!

Pacific Drift - Detail

Artist - Kozyndan
Title - Pacific Drift
Media - Pencil and Digital
Edition Size - 1200 Signed and Numbered
Price - $30US (unframed)
Size - 38" x 7.5"

Please note that this print is a digital print and similar to the open editions that kozyndan have for sale. It is unfortunately not a run of extrememly large prints on archival paper like their more expensive creations, but a digital print that is almost glossy. Still a great pick up at an amazing price!! The prints are on thick cardboard but still are more like a "poster" than other art prints you may have seen. Hope this helps!!

Does it Offend You, Yeah? We are Rockstars

Check out this totally awesome track from Does It Offend You, Yeah? Is my song of the week! Cannot get enough of it at the moment and have it on very high rotation, as well as all the songs on their album.
I must admit, I have a penchant for cowbell (hence one of many reasons i love Chromeo) and this song has a nice dose of it.

Song picked this week following last weeks release of the Parklife 2008 line up. So excited to see these guys and they are one of my def picks for the day.

Parklife 2008 Line Up
- BAG RAIDERS (live)
- HAWNAY TROOF + many more

EXTREMELY pumped for internationals such as:-
Goldfrapp - haven't been to AUS shores in over 5 years and since then have released 2 terrific albums
Neon Neon - One of my most listened to albums recently so stoked they are going to be there
Familjen - Another killer album that will be excellent live
Does it offend you yeah? - Going to be off teh chain
Martin Solveig - Cheese but he was so good at FD a couple of years ago that I would love to catch him again, fun tunes!
Slyde - The boy has got me into breaks and their set that is up on ITM is killer so this will be a definite party!!

And good to see some of the best Aussie acts representing - Grafton Primary, Van She Tech and Bagraiders.

More info on DIOYY? and tracks for listening pleasure at
Epic Last Song is also killer, give it a listen.

Parklife tickets on sale Thursday 17th July, more info at the Fuzzy Parklife website.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I heart Audrey Kawasaki

Ishiki - Detail

Audrey Kawasaki is such a wonderful artist. She has become very very popular in the last year or two, which unfortunately makes it harder and more expensive to obtain her original works or prints.

Almost a year ago I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to purchase some of her prints at retail price (a very rare occurrence when living in Australia), and so naturally, i jumped to it. Being skint at the time, I couldn't get all 3, but was very happy to be able to purchase the 2 smaller prints, names 'Ishiki' and 'Odaijini'. A huge amount of prints sold at retail price end up on eBay being "flipped" for often more than 5 times the original price.

This is a shame for real lovers of the art and collectors as it makes many pieces simply unattainable unless you have vast amounts of money. But in all honesty, I have never missed out on prints (or tickets for that matter) by simply following the purchase instructions, so consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to buy her prints at a fraction of their worth.

Since receiving them, I moved out of the parental unit, and because they were unframed, I left them behind to collect another time. Almost a year on and I finally realised how slack I have been not taking them to be framed, and set out to do exactly that this weekend. It is a shame custom framing is very expensive in Sydney, but I really do prefer getting my prints framed in such a quality way that is befitting of their beauty.

Here are some pics I took before sending to the framer, to illustrate the solemn beauty of her work. I will post some of the finished product soon.

Odaijini - by Audrey Kawasaki 2007

Odaijini - Detail

Ishiki - by Audrey Kawasaki 2007

Sick... again!

Sigh. Earlier in the year I was exclaiming that I hadn't yet been sick, I am normally one of the first to get colds that are floating around, but since improving my exercise and eating habits I have found I don't get sick as easily.

But lately all that has gone out the window having started work in an air conditioned office where the germs from all the sick people get wafted around the room.

Been sick 3 times in as many months! This time got a temperature and an extreme sore throat, and generally feeling crappy.

Pass me the vitamin C...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sex and the City Fashion

After watching the Sex and the City movie the other week, I (and probably every other female in the audience) instantly had lemmings for almost every outfit and accessory that was featured at some point in the movie. And since there were over 300 outfit changes between the four of them and almost all of the outfits worn made purely up of premium designer items, there was little hope for people like me with small wallets to be able to adopt and emulate these pieces into our own wardrobes.

The stand out fashion items in the movie for me were all the versatile accessories that Carrie wore. I have managed to track down a couple of items that I was in love with during the film.

Carrie's Vintage Studded Belt

In a huge amount of scenes and teamed with many different outfits is a vintage black pyramid studded belt, which Carrie manages to wear matching almost everything and without looking all "punk rocker" instead very sophisticated and just giving an edge to some girly outfits.

Here it is teamed with a gorgeous vintage green coat and dress, eiffel tower bag, as well as Dior gladiator heels which are seen countless times in the movie as well.

This belt is a vintage piece but due to popular demand, Patricia Field has decided to make an exact replica which is now available to pre-order on her website.

You can also get her Eiffel Tower bag here. I think it is absolutely adorable, but don't think I can pull the look off myself. Maybe after a styling session with Patricia but otherwise I think not.

I am EXTREMELY tempted to buy this belt and think it looks absolutely awesome every time it is worn in the movie. My only concern is that in a couple of months there will probably be knock offs available EVERYWHERE and it will no longer have so much appeal to me.. Might have to see if I am still in love next pay day!

Dior Gladiator Heels

As I have already mentioned and you can see in the above photos, throughout the movie Carrie wears and AMAZING pair of gladiator heels in a variety of scenes and with many different outfits, each equally as fabulous and enviable as the last!

If you have a spare $770 US, head over to eLuxury to pick up a pair of these babies! Unforunately for me I have just been made redundant so there is no way in the world I could justify buying them (could I ever?? Probably...) but never fear, it is not all bad news, with a much cheaper but equally fabulous version being sold in Wittner.

The Wittner 'Vixen' gladiator heels are available from their website here. I just bought these lovely shoes last week, and am wearing them out tonight, so will hopefully give you a verdict on comfiness and some real life photos soon! I must say they do look much nicer in person than they do on the website (pic shown below). Even on first glance you can see how similar they are to the above Dior ones, and they are made of a wonderful soft leather.

ETA - Here are some photos of the Vixens! Apologies for the cruddy bedroom shots but until I get my tripod will have to do!

Monday, June 9, 2008

My Debut Album

I've tried to find the origin of this game but it is proving quite elusive! Anyway i spotted it over at Drowned in Sound and basically it describes a fun game in which you can find out if you were to ever create your own debut album, what would it be called and what the album cover would be!

So without futher ado it is with great pleasure that I unveil to you my debut album...

Name of Band: Anti-Copyright Notice
Album Title: Time Rich and Cash Poor
Cover Art:

Haha well i am loving the band name and album title, very cool. Sounds like a teenage angst wannabe punk band to me... not exactly fitting with my musical tastes, but still!
The album cover leaves a bit to be desired!!

Want your own? Simply follow these instructions!

1 - Go to
The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to Random quotations:
The last four words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to flickr and click on "explore the last seven days"
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
Put it all together, that's your first album.

Enjoy! ^.^

Monday, June 2, 2008

Verdict - sass and bide BLACK RATS

The sass and bide "black rats" leggings have been hotly anticipated since appearing on their recent runway shows.They are being sold as "the skinny jean meets leggings".

I have always been a strong believer of the "leggings are NOT PANTS" mentality, but even i could picture myself in these!

After spying pictures such as this ->

I couldn't help but develop an unhealthy yearning for these babies!

Soon after seeing them and beginning to fall in love had them on preorder and i was straight on the site ordering away!

The following days and weeks was a rollercoaster ride of anticipation and also worry, as more and more information on the black rats unfolded on the vogue forums.

My lust for the leggings started to fade as we realised these were not really the "leather look" we had been hoping for but more of a satiny
swimsuit material. I decided to wait for their arrival before making my own mind up about them.

Finally they arrived in my office mailbox yesterday, and i had to resist the temptation to run to the bathroom then and there to try them on!
But sensibility prevailed and i waited until i got home so i could try them on with heels and all the appropriate trimmings (as well as having the safety of my own mirror at home and not having to worry about people walking in on me!)

Now bear in mind i am 5'2" and although in my opinion i have pretty skinny legs I am still a large size 10 so ordered a M/L knowing how small s&b pants can be!

All things considered i knew i wouldn't look as good as the models on the runway or Bryanboy but i still had high hopes they would be effortlessly chic and rock star sexy.

First impressions were that they are gorgeously soft material, a really soft almost microfibre material, with a satiny sheen and a hell of a lot of ruching.
Popped them on and had the obligatory 12 inches of excess material on the legs due to being a shortie. They felt heavenly on, and i spent a couple of minutes fixing up the distirbution of the ruching and tucking under the excess length. Popped on my heels and posed in the mirror.

Hmm, they looked ok.. but not as fabulous as i had hoped. They felt AMAZING on and the material was so comfortable.

Side view was pretty good, seemed to lengthen my legs out and the detailing on the sides looked cool.

Front on they were "ok" but it just looked like too much ruching and appeared to be widening my legs. I ordered the M/L and felt a little bit like i was drowning in the material, there was just so much of it and down towards the bottom of my legs they were not tight at all and there was just heaps of material and i didnt know what to do with it!!

I took a couple of photos and the flash really reflects of the material, but instead of appearing leathery like the runway rats, mine looked more like they were made of satin.

So i stayed in them for about 5 minutes umming and ahhing trying to make them look ultra hot, but it just didn't happen for me...

Considered exchanging for the S/M size instead but eventually i decided the $170 would be better spent towards the Tom Fords i have my eye on.


The Black Rats are HOT HOT HOT if you are 6 foot tall and with a body like a whip. Or even if you are not a whip but i really think you need the height and long legs to carry these off.

I'd advise the shorter kids like me to try the Kova and T 'Oxy' leggings which come for a little bit cheaper as well. I might order these after I get a refund on the rats so will let you know how i go!>

What are your thoughts??