Monday, June 2, 2008

Verdict - sass and bide BLACK RATS

The sass and bide "black rats" leggings have been hotly anticipated since appearing on their recent runway shows.They are being sold as "the skinny jean meets leggings".

I have always been a strong believer of the "leggings are NOT PANTS" mentality, but even i could picture myself in these!

After spying pictures such as this ->

I couldn't help but develop an unhealthy yearning for these babies!

Soon after seeing them and beginning to fall in love had them on preorder and i was straight on the site ordering away!

The following days and weeks was a rollercoaster ride of anticipation and also worry, as more and more information on the black rats unfolded on the vogue forums.

My lust for the leggings started to fade as we realised these were not really the "leather look" we had been hoping for but more of a satiny
swimsuit material. I decided to wait for their arrival before making my own mind up about them.

Finally they arrived in my office mailbox yesterday, and i had to resist the temptation to run to the bathroom then and there to try them on!
But sensibility prevailed and i waited until i got home so i could try them on with heels and all the appropriate trimmings (as well as having the safety of my own mirror at home and not having to worry about people walking in on me!)

Now bear in mind i am 5'2" and although in my opinion i have pretty skinny legs I am still a large size 10 so ordered a M/L knowing how small s&b pants can be!

All things considered i knew i wouldn't look as good as the models on the runway or Bryanboy but i still had high hopes they would be effortlessly chic and rock star sexy.

First impressions were that they are gorgeously soft material, a really soft almost microfibre material, with a satiny sheen and a hell of a lot of ruching.
Popped them on and had the obligatory 12 inches of excess material on the legs due to being a shortie. They felt heavenly on, and i spent a couple of minutes fixing up the distirbution of the ruching and tucking under the excess length. Popped on my heels and posed in the mirror.

Hmm, they looked ok.. but not as fabulous as i had hoped. They felt AMAZING on and the material was so comfortable.

Side view was pretty good, seemed to lengthen my legs out and the detailing on the sides looked cool.

Front on they were "ok" but it just looked like too much ruching and appeared to be widening my legs. I ordered the M/L and felt a little bit like i was drowning in the material, there was just so much of it and down towards the bottom of my legs they were not tight at all and there was just heaps of material and i didnt know what to do with it!!

I took a couple of photos and the flash really reflects of the material, but instead of appearing leathery like the runway rats, mine looked more like they were made of satin.

So i stayed in them for about 5 minutes umming and ahhing trying to make them look ultra hot, but it just didn't happen for me...

Considered exchanging for the S/M size instead but eventually i decided the $170 would be better spent towards the Tom Fords i have my eye on.


The Black Rats are HOT HOT HOT if you are 6 foot tall and with a body like a whip. Or even if you are not a whip but i really think you need the height and long legs to carry these off.

I'd advise the shorter kids like me to try the Kova and T 'Oxy' leggings which come for a little bit cheaper as well. I might order these after I get a refund on the rats so will let you know how i go!>

What are your thoughts??


MetallicGirl said...

when did you get your black rats?? I'm on a waiting list for a pair at the moment but my worry is they've become something of an obsession which could cloud my judgement when they finally get here! i was hoping to be able to wear them in the day with a long tee-shirt and ankle boots and then evenings with heels and a tunic or mini dress. I'm 5'8 and usually a size 6 or 8 so hopefully they'll flatter me. whats your opinion of them...over-rated?

Alice said...

i got my rats when they first came out in Australia..

I think if you have the height and figure for them then they are seriously hot! but i have heard reports of poor quality and stitching coming undone after only a couple of wears.

Apparently they are releasing a "new" version of the rats soon, but i am unsure of what the changes are, i think the material used might be different slightly, and look more like the ones seen on the runway..

Amy said...

Hey alice..have you seen the PVC version? I am just thinking they might be a better fit?

Amy said...

Plus..that was my fear that they wouldnt look as shiny "wet look" as they do on the runway and they end up looking satiny..

Anonymous said...

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