Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Pacific Drift" - New Kozyndan Panoramic Print

Kozyndan have released a new panoramic print! It is named "Pacific Drift" and depicts an underwater view of the Pacific Ocean, strewn with plastic bags and other garbage. Not all is lost as the reef is being defended by the bunnyfish!

The detail on this is fantastic, and you can tell that countless hours have been put in carefully outlining the reef, creating the background, and then adding in the cute little bunnyfish! I have been lemming "Moving in Unison" for a long long time, which i do prefer to this print, but that one is much more expensive! So this panoramic might be ideal to satisfy my bunnyfish craving without draining the wallet too much!

Bunnyfish to the rescue!

Cute print and great idea behind it. Not often do kozyndan release panoramics and even more rare to release signed and numbered for $30 US. All of their panoramics SELL OUT so better to get one just in case me thinks ;)

Hop (or swim) over to Kozyndan's online shop to get one before they disappear! I have just ordered mine, and will save up for the cash for framing!

If you prefer to purchase your prints already framed, Pop Up in New Zealand has them available framed for $385 AUD. Linky!

Pacific Drift - Detail

Artist - Kozyndan
Title - Pacific Drift
Media - Pencil and Digital
Edition Size - 1200 Signed and Numbered
Price - $30US (unframed)
Size - 38" x 7.5"

Please note that this print is a digital print and similar to the open editions that kozyndan have for sale. It is unfortunately not a run of extrememly large prints on archival paper like their more expensive creations, but a digital print that is almost glossy. Still a great pick up at an amazing price!! The prints are on thick cardboard but still are more like a "poster" than other art prints you may have seen. Hope this helps!!

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