Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sex and the City Fashion

After watching the Sex and the City movie the other week, I (and probably every other female in the audience) instantly had lemmings for almost every outfit and accessory that was featured at some point in the movie. And since there were over 300 outfit changes between the four of them and almost all of the outfits worn made purely up of premium designer items, there was little hope for people like me with small wallets to be able to adopt and emulate these pieces into our own wardrobes.

The stand out fashion items in the movie for me were all the versatile accessories that Carrie wore. I have managed to track down a couple of items that I was in love with during the film.

Carrie's Vintage Studded Belt

In a huge amount of scenes and teamed with many different outfits is a vintage black pyramid studded belt, which Carrie manages to wear matching almost everything and without looking all "punk rocker" instead very sophisticated and just giving an edge to some girly outfits.

Here it is teamed with a gorgeous vintage green coat and dress, eiffel tower bag, as well as Dior gladiator heels which are seen countless times in the movie as well.

This belt is a vintage piece but due to popular demand, Patricia Field has decided to make an exact replica which is now available to pre-order on her website.

You can also get her Eiffel Tower bag here. I think it is absolutely adorable, but don't think I can pull the look off myself. Maybe after a styling session with Patricia but otherwise I think not.

I am EXTREMELY tempted to buy this belt and think it looks absolutely awesome every time it is worn in the movie. My only concern is that in a couple of months there will probably be knock offs available EVERYWHERE and it will no longer have so much appeal to me.. Might have to see if I am still in love next pay day!

Dior Gladiator Heels

As I have already mentioned and you can see in the above photos, throughout the movie Carrie wears and AMAZING pair of gladiator heels in a variety of scenes and with many different outfits, each equally as fabulous and enviable as the last!

If you have a spare $770 US, head over to eLuxury to pick up a pair of these babies! Unforunately for me I have just been made redundant so there is no way in the world I could justify buying them (could I ever?? Probably...) but never fear, it is not all bad news, with a much cheaper but equally fabulous version being sold in Wittner.

The Wittner 'Vixen' gladiator heels are available from their website here. I just bought these lovely shoes last week, and am wearing them out tonight, so will hopefully give you a verdict on comfiness and some real life photos soon! I must say they do look much nicer in person than they do on the website (pic shown below). Even on first glance you can see how similar they are to the above Dior ones, and they are made of a wonderful soft leather.

ETA - Here are some photos of the Vixens! Apologies for the cruddy bedroom shots but until I get my tripod will have to do!


voguette said...

wow you look great in the VIxens! Love your blog btw :)

Alice said...

Thanks voguette!

I haven't worn them that many times so far, they are pretty high and sometimes difficult on bumpy ground.. they are very nice though!