Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Christophe Kane Collection for TOPSHOP

So Christopher Kane is set to release a capsule collection for UK fashion juggernaut, TOPSHOP.

Having recently returned from a brief stint in Europe, this makes me quite sad I won't be able to pop down to my local Topshop to view and try on the pieces, but lucky for all us Australians we still have the option to buy online at www.topshop.com.

Now one of the dresses I almost bought over in Europe was a blatant rip off of a Christopher Kane design, so I find this a little bit amusing... but very exciting!

I've been eagerly following CK's designs since this awesome (and now infamous) t-shirt design came strolling down the catwalks..

Here it is in dress form looking totally hot on Rihanna...

I've also been a huge fan of his gorgeous scalloped dresses, almost sheer but in a romantic (not slutty) soft and feminine way.. they are just so pretty and wearable, I think they are a great contrast to his other work like the chimp tees..

Ahh so pretty! It was these dresses that had influenced the one i saw in Topshop - which was still very nice! Same sort of sheer material in navy blue, but was no where near as nicely finished, polished, and detailed as the above beauty, but that is to be expected i guess.

Needless to say both styles are absolutely AMAZING and made me very eager to see what else this dude had in store for us.

To get back to the point, it has been announced that Christopher Kane is now doing a collection for Topshop! Hooray!
You can view all the pieces in a lookbook online at http://www.topshopstyle.com/Christopher_Kane/ Check it out and tell me your favourites!

I'm loving
- The alligator version of the phenominal gorilla tee / dress (pictured below)
- Embellished Leggings (also below)
- Pink Mesh BodyCon dress (pic #22)
- Everything with the gems on it, scarf (pic #11), dress (pic #15), tee (pic #7), i want it all! Come in both white and black...

And the massive plus is that everything seems to be pretty reasonably priced... well compared to normal CK prices anyway! But seriously all looks real good and value for money.


enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

original fallkait y penser

two said...

surely the monkey face top is a top not a dress. It is just a worn out stretched top. Who'd have thought Rihanna is so absent-minded... Well, hectic life style. Or maybe...