Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LUST HAVES - sass and bide "The New Grace" Collection

Sass and Bide have just released their new Spring/Fall 2009 collection, named "The New Grace".

Some gorgeous, must-have pieces in this collection, and there are many pieces i have my eye on! I think there is more in this collection than the last that I actually want to purchase and put in my wardrobe.

The Perfect Rush Dress - This is my fave!!

The Almost Moon Strapless Dress - Gorgeous but being mini probably will be far too long on me..

Keep The Faith Frill Leggings - It doesn't get much cuter than this.. I MUST have these!!

Around the World Pleated Jacket - My friend has this gorgeous sass and bide frill that i love and am obsessed with, i really want this so i have my own! Could go with so many outfits.. Betting this one is quite pricey though...

Total Eclipse Tank Dress - This looks awesome, is that beading on the front?? Definitely will be getting this or any of the other similar items, hot design!

I've checked with the paddo store and they haven't got any of these pieces in yet - hopefully they will soon!



Sina said...

I really like the first dress!It´s so cute!
Come and visit my Blog:)

bridechic said...


Alice said...

I've just lay-byed the total eclipse tank dress, which is totally awesome!

The first, leopard print dress didn't suit me AT ALL!

Still hanging out for the frill leggings and jacket though... I really need to have both!

Anonymous said...

ahh sass & bide = LOVE. cuuute blog!

Way Existential said...

gorgeous collection! and your blog is lovely, i just came across it on vogue.

Alice said...

thanks girls! xx

Jewellery Gossip said...

i love the new Sass and Bide collection- great post! fab site :)