Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Mimco Pendants - Now Available

I have a confession to make.. i'm addicted to mimco pendants. I already have 4 of them - an owl, bow, heart and moon. I wear them all the time, and i love love love them.

Mimco has just released a new range of these beautiful pendants, now available on their website and in store, each are $150.

My absolute MUST HAVE favourite is the seahorse, such a cute little creature. I love the diamontes on him and also the shading of colour from dark to light, on a light gold chain. It's perfect, and definitely the first one i will be picking up.

There are a couple more pendants which i think are super cute and will be trying to get my hands on in the near future, must do one at a time though to avoid maxing out the credit card even before doing any Christmas shopping! My picks are..

The Hummingbird

The Ladybug

Swashbuckling Charm

Convinced? You can purchase them at Mimco's website.

camilla & marc Bargains

I went along to the camilla and marc relocation sale on Friday.
I got there about 15 mins before the opening, and there was already a little bit of a queue. I was lucky though because by the time the sale opened the size of the line had at least tripled!

I wasn't in the first batch of people to be let in, so had a to wait another 15-20 mins peeking through the window anxiously and spotting out what i wanted to buy!

It was a REALLY good sale, with a lot of great pieces at pretty reasonable prices when you consider what they cost to buy retail.

I got 3 gorgeous dresses, which i will post photos of soon.
One was the Charlotte frock in black, which is an absolutely stunning dress that i will get loads of wear out of. It was still quite expensive at $350, but the retail price of this dress is about $550, so a hefty discount.

Me in my Charlotte frock - $350 instead of $550+

The other 2 dresses i got are in the pretty neon print, one called "polly jean" and the other is the "Penny Frock" and is pictured below.
Overall i did really well, I think i am going to wear the penny to a friend's wedding that is coming up in January, it's just so bright and colourful without being heaps over the top, and the black charlotte dress will definitely become one of my wardrobe staples, i think it is really versatile and could be dressed down as well as up and worn on a variety of occassions.

Penny Frock - $110 instead of $350+

There was a heap of other nice stuff - if only i had an unlimited budget! They had the gorgeous 'taya' frock and many other beautiful silk maxi dresses. I would have loved to have bought one of these too, but they were also $350 and i'd given myself a $500 limit!

Did anyone else go to the sale? If so tell me what bargains you picked up for yourself!!

I think that will do me for sales for the time being, i am supposed to be saving for overseas next year! Having said that i can't wait to go to the Zimmermann sale, normally in January i think... will have to start putting some money aside now!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The real star of the new James Bond flick..

This gorgeous Jason Conran outfit that appears in the new James Bond movie - "Quantum of Solace" is gorgeous! I especially love the chunky gold fish necklace, really sets off the outfit and stands out as an awesome statement piece. It fetches for about 300 pounds though so I don't think i'll be getting the real thing any time soon, i am definitely inspired though!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Music festival locations don't get much better than this..

We were pretty lucky with the weather - although pretty cold and windy, there were warm patches where the sun was out and shining, and were very lucky not to get rained on! All in all I had a wicked day, my all time favourite song was played (Face to Face by Daft Punk) and the quality of music was good. Most was a bit housey for my liking (and hardly compared to the raw and dirty sounds of Boys Noize last year..) but Aston Shuffle killed it and so did Van She Tech.

Anyway, here are some fun shots i took from the day!

I wore a pretty simple outfit, consisting of a strapless black bubble dress, ksubi sunnies and a juicy couture charm worn as a necklace. I got so cold though I had to buy a t-shirt!

Anyone else go? If so what did you think?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

sass & bide Exhibition Warehouse Sale

This is on now at Fox Studios! Get in quick!
Normally s&b sales are quite average, with all the fashion pieces disappearing within 2 mins and then just loads of jeans left at still quite high prices (no good for me considering i'm not much of a jeans person). This sale, however, is a different story.

I went yesterday, got there about 4:05pm, and although there were thousands of girls elbowing and pushing around anything with a sequin, there were lots of nice dresses and items with really reasonable prices!

I picked up 4 dresses at $270 total, which is a steal considering one of them alone would cost upwards of $200 originally!

Pics of my haul...

The Awakening Tunic - $70

In His Own Way Singlet Dress - $50

Dark of The Night Dress - $80

Say It Right Bowed Dress - $70 (RRP - $240)

Sale Details

sass & bide will be reducing some of their most sought after styles at this fabulous once yearly sale!

Expect 50 - 70% off everything and with new stock being placed on the floor daily this is your best chance to nab a piece or two or three of this must have label.

WHEN Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd November, 2008
WHERE Byron Kennedy Hall
Fox Studios Australia
Lang Road, Moore Park
NSW 2021

TIMES Thursday: 4pm – 9pm
Friday: 10am – 5pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm

PAYMENT Cash, eftpos and all major credit cards

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spotted - Black Rats knock offs

I went into Supre at lunch today to get some plain white singlets - and i saw lots of sass and bide knock offs.. most noticeable of which were leggings that looked suspiciously like black rats!

So those looking for similar satin-like leggings with ruching down the sides (but don't want to pay the hefty price tag) head to supre and pick some up dirt cheap.

They also had some black on black leopard print ones that were a bit shiny, as well as lots of different colours like gold and red.

Can also shop online here.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Audrey Kawasaki 'She Who Dares' Print

This print goes on sale in about 2.5 hours so get in quick!

$220 US unframed.

Available in a short while from Audrey Kawasaki's website shop here

She Who Dares

giclee print on archival paper

18"x21" on a 20"x23"sheet

signed and numbered

limited edition of 200

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sass and bide PVC BLACK RATS now available

sass and bide have recently unleashed their PVC black rats on the world.
Now these are slightly different to the first ones, with more of a "wet look", where as the old ones looked sort of satiny.

Anywho- you can get em for $220 on the sass and bide website, or at mycatwalk.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

All Time Favourite Vogue Shoot

Earlier in the year, Vogue Australia ran my all time favourite photo shoot which was nabbed from the February 2008 edition of UK Vogue. Here are a couple of shots..

There are several things that i adore about this photo shoot, and that makes it so far my favourite vogue shoot to date.

These are -

  • The colours. I love the mixture of neon brights and lovely pastels, set against the gorgeous lilac and blue backdrop.

  • The hair. The featured hairstyle is amazing and i want to get it done for a wedding i have coming up.. apparently this can style can be created with padding, but as my hairdresser is away the weekend of the wedding i am hoping i can find another to recreate this look!

  • The shoes. Sky high platforms in awesome colours. I especially love the lavender and blue platforms featured, but also would not say no to the white ones! Have had eyes out in stores for something similar (without the hefty price tag..)

  • Transperency. LOVE the transparenze socks with the platforms as well as the sheer gloves. Would love to recreate this look but fear i would just look silly wearing socks with high heels?! (i thoroughly recommend ordering these from My Tights, i have ordered from there before and they are quite cheap with very reasonable shipping costs)

  • Tom Binns Jewellery. You can see his jewellery in the first 3 photos that i have posted. This shoot was the first time i had heard of his stuff, but since then his name keeps popping up and i think his pieces are worth splurging on!!!

Continuing on with Tom Binns, i think most of the pieces are a little bit out of my price range whilst i save for my euro trip next year, but that doesn't mean I can't still drool over them right?

Here are some pieces of his to wet your appetite..

A necklace from 2007

A recent cuff

It doesn't get much more rock and roll bling than this baby

My personal favourite!

Pick your favourite piece and see it in your dreams at