Sunday, November 9, 2008

All Time Favourite Vogue Shoot

Earlier in the year, Vogue Australia ran my all time favourite photo shoot which was nabbed from the February 2008 edition of UK Vogue. Here are a couple of shots..

There are several things that i adore about this photo shoot, and that makes it so far my favourite vogue shoot to date.

These are -

  • The colours. I love the mixture of neon brights and lovely pastels, set against the gorgeous lilac and blue backdrop.

  • The hair. The featured hairstyle is amazing and i want to get it done for a wedding i have coming up.. apparently this can style can be created with padding, but as my hairdresser is away the weekend of the wedding i am hoping i can find another to recreate this look!

  • The shoes. Sky high platforms in awesome colours. I especially love the lavender and blue platforms featured, but also would not say no to the white ones! Have had eyes out in stores for something similar (without the hefty price tag..)

  • Transperency. LOVE the transparenze socks with the platforms as well as the sheer gloves. Would love to recreate this look but fear i would just look silly wearing socks with high heels?! (i thoroughly recommend ordering these from My Tights, i have ordered from there before and they are quite cheap with very reasonable shipping costs)

  • Tom Binns Jewellery. You can see his jewellery in the first 3 photos that i have posted. This shoot was the first time i had heard of his stuff, but since then his name keeps popping up and i think his pieces are worth splurging on!!!

Continuing on with Tom Binns, i think most of the pieces are a little bit out of my price range whilst i save for my euro trip next year, but that doesn't mean I can't still drool over them right?

Here are some pieces of his to wet your appetite..

A necklace from 2007

A recent cuff

It doesn't get much more rock and roll bling than this baby

My personal favourite!

Pick your favourite piece and see it in your dreams at


diamondsinchampagne said...

Love the photographs, so summery fresh. Looking at them makes you feel alive.

LOVE the jewellery, especially the cuff with the skull

Miss_Red said...

Beautiful pictures, I love the colour combos as well. It's very refreshing

Angel Lust PR said...

so glam and decadent!!!

your world is sexy cool!!!

enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

very design i love